Activities For The Civic Geek: An Introduction

“This is what I do.”

Geeks are active people – we do. We write, we game, we craft, we cosplay, we review. We’re always tweaking, inventing, and making.

We want to apply this. We want to make the world better, help people, improve our subculture and the culture at larger. There are issues to address, challenges to face . . .

. . . but were do we start?

We ask “What can I do?”

This series is where you can start. Think of it as a helpful, non-comprehensive, and hopefully inspiring guide to applying geekery for good. Each section is simply one suggestion, often with helpful examples or links, of one thing you can do to make the world a better place as a geek.

A lot of this came from my work on, and is a way of taking it farther.

Now, let’s see what you can do.


– Steven Savage