Steve’s Update 8/16/2015

Hello gang, and here’s what’s been up!

Sailor Moon Book – We decided we’ll restart work on the book around Labor day – and most of that will be assessing how to categorize interviews so we can finish the next half of them.  We also need to return to studying up on the history of the show – there’s a lot that gets missed, enough that portraying even an essential timeline is a bit difficult.

Way With Worlds – I expect to finish up my big editing round this month.  Then one more round next month before the pre-readers.  Some of the edits are simple – but some are pretty extensive, verging on rewrites – so expect it to be different enough from the original columns and the rewrites. There’s also a sort of sequel type thing in the work, but one that will be quite different . . .

Other Books – I’ve hinted at these, but yes, there’s some other smaller books in the works.  These will come out as helpful ebooks, and I expect to have the first one out in a few months.  Right now I’m keeping them under wraps as this is more experimental.

Plot Twist Generator – The latest version is here.  I’m collecting feedback from people and reading up on plot twists, and it’s finally getting into shape.  Still a good month or so before I think it’s ready.

Other Generators – After the Plot Twist Generator I’m going to do some more fun generators, so stay tuned . . .

– Steven Savage