Steve’s Update

Whew, came off of one busy week at work. So of course I did a bunch of website work.  Yeah, I know.

So what’s going on here is I moved all my MuseHack blogging (and Informotron) blogging over here.  Informotron is purely press work now, and judging by people’s response you prefer it that way.

Now as for what’s up here, my Activities for The Civic geek is going on – that’s an experiment in writing a free ebook a piece at a time.  In this case an ebook that gives you ideas to be a civic geek!  I also hope (time permitting) to bundle up a lot of my old stuff.

I’m also going to be writing more books.  The focus is going to be making stuff that’s a mix of analyzing and of stuff you can apply.

As for mow

  • Way With Worlds.  The second run of editing is a heckuva lot easier.
  • Sailor Moon Book.  We got a plan, I just need to have work interruptions to stop so I can get to it.
  • And the new ebook is  . . . a resume guide to jazzing up your resume!  That’ll be out probably October!  After a break and getting some work on the Sailor Moon book.


Also expect to see more of me here now that I’m consolidating blogs

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