Steve’s Update!

Hello everyone, how are you doing?  Well I hope!  So let’s get to some updates!

First, the Plot Twist Generator is done.  Well, done-esque.  Done enough.  Either way it came out OK, but I did learn a valuable lesson – these generators, surprisingly, work best when done with more of a scientific analysis.  It would have taken longer up front – but been faster and better long-term.  Lesson learned!

Next generator?  Oh, yeah, it’s there, just need a break.

The Sailor Moon book is on track, we’re doing more data analysis, and more interviews!  I expect us to finish interviews in November, when we shift into our research phase – and if all works, we’ll write the first chapter around Christmas!

Way With Worlds is at pre-readers – and I’ve already decided it’ll be two books released the summer of 2016.  Simply, it’d be a huge book otherwise – try about 500 pages.  it splits well among essentials and details, so that’s how the split will go.  Stay tuned and get ready . . .

My upcoming new resume book had a delay in editing, so won’t be out until early November.  Sorry gang!

Oh and on that, early November, look out for a webinar with me and a friend you’ll want to attend.