Steve’s Update

Hello everyone.  Crazy times, so here’s what’s up!

First, as noted in September I got a little busy with work and all.  Still don’t quite have a picture of my holiday season, but I plan for some time off.  Let’s hope I catch up and don’t spend too much time playing Team Fortress 2.  Which will really me a matter of degree.

Way With Worlds – If all goes well (meaning I’ll damn well make it happen), the editing run finishes and goes to my pre-readers by Sunday.  I’m about 70-80% proud of it now, and think it’s going to be a pretty good handbook for worldbuilders.  And, yes, there will almost inevitably be followup works . . . just not in the way you may think . . .

Resume Plus – My new jazz-up-your-resume-guide is being edited.  I am actually quite proud of this one, and proud to return to smaller ebooks.  This one was fun to write, has great advice, and will be a fantastic addition to your electronic bookshelf.  Think of it as a sister guide to “Epic Resume Go” and, yes, I may do a book bundle.

Sailor Moon Book – No, once again not releasing the title yet.  Sorry.  Anyway, we finished the analysis of our first run of interviews and we now have a serious idea of just why the show impacted people, how it impacted people, and how to portray it in the book.  We may also have gotten some insights into just how the legacy of the show impacted American media.  Next goal is to finish interviews somewhere in November, start our historical research and get writing.  Again we really don’t expect this to be out until late summer/early fall 2016.

Plot Twist Generator – OK, I’m just gonna try and get this sucker to gold and take a break.  One more push coming up!  Then I do a fun one (in fact one I may document).

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