Activities For The Civic Geek: Promote Space Exploration

There are few things more geeky than space exploration.  So gear up and geek out to help us get to the stars.

Space may be the final frontier.  Exploring space has given us many scientific benefits.  But sometimes it seems we forget the value of space travel and get distracted by issues here on earth – forgetting that everything from weather satellites to new technology to the unifying drive to explore benefit us now.

Space travel also requires advocacy.  It’s expensive.  It’s hard work.  It’s often riven with politics.

If you’re any kind of geek you probably support more, better, and frankly expanded space travel.  If you’re a specific kind of geek you probably are really a supporter.  So help you and your fellow geeks promote space exploration.

You could:

  • Invite people to speak on it at various geek events – what’s a good convention without a discussion of space travel?
  • Support some of the causes listed below – or join them.  Everyone needs help.
  • Find local events sponsored by various space-supporting group and get your friends and geek groups to go there.

We’re not going to get off the planet waiting for someone else to do it for us.

But you can make a difference.


  • 100 Year Starship – They want humanity to be able to leave the solar system by the 22nd century.  Speaking, events, advocacy, and more.
  • Centennial Challenge – A NASA event to help develop new space technology.  If you’re not in the US there’s probably similar groups in your country.
  • Penny 4 Nasa – A group working to raise awareness of NASA, get increases in funding, and promote space exploration. If you’re not in the US there’s probably similar groups in your country.
  • Planetary Society – Sponsors charities, events, advocacy, and projects to promote space exploration.