Activities For The Civic Geek: Health Initiatives

Health issues are always important.  For geeks, we’re no different than anyone else – but we also have our own unique challenges, interests, and opportunities.

Geeks and health have a complex relationship in my experience.  Some people are health geeks, practicing carefully-researched techniques to improve health, often fascinated by the science (like me).  Some joyously celebrate the idea of pizza and caffeine as a lifestyle (especially at a con).  Some people are drawn to geekdom as health problems limited their physical options – and they pursued the intellectual.  Yet others love to cosplay – and really want to loose those last ten pounds.

Health is an issue to everyone, and to we geeks we have a few special, unique concerns and inclinations.  So if you want to be a Civic Geek, consider serving the health of the geek community.  You just need to find what works for you:

  • If you have knowledge of healthy diets and practices, perhaps you can share it.  From effective geeky cooking to tips for exercise in a busy life, perhaps you can speak at events or even lead your local geek group in healthy practices.
  • If you’re aware of specific health concerns, you can speak on that as well.  Or you could try forming a support group among your fellow geeks who have similar concerns.
  • Health support is very important at conventions, events, and so on.  Perhaps you can lead, get involved, or even invite organizations to help out.
  • Depending on your given inclinations, maybe you or your con or club will get involved in public health issues, such as technology and support.
  • There’s charities that focus on health issues that may need assistance – and some are looking for technical and social solutions you and your fellows might be able to help with.

There’s many, many ways you can take being a civic geek for health.

A lot of these efforts can also tie into other interests.  Citizen science can tie into health issues.  You can cosplay to raise money to fight a given disease.  There’s a lot of options to promote good health as a Civic Geek.



  • Operation Hammond – A network of medical professionals and trained people that provide medical services for conventions and staff training.


  • Limbitless Solutions – Technologists of all kinds coming together to develop low-cost/free prosthetic solutions!