Steve’s Update

Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well!  So figured an update is in order here as the last week got a bit busy.

First, the Sailor Moon book!  We’re all but finished with the interviews and the initial analysis.  We’re going to roll writing it and the research into one go – the challenge is figuring out just what research we need versus what isn’t needed.  Sailor Moon history is really recorded piecemeal, so figuring what fits the book, what’s informative, and what’s unneeded is challenging.

If you’re interested in writing on anime history, believe me, by now, we have suggestions on what we’d like to see.

Way With Worlds is going to finish up with pre-readers this month, and then it’s integrating lessons and editing – and dividing it up into two books.  I assume the latter isn’t going to be hard, but I’ve never “subdivided” a book before.  Definitely going to be necessary though – otherwise it’ll be unwieldily.  I might eventually do a larger, combined “textbook” another time, perhaps with extra material.

As you saw my resume book is out – and my next ebook is in the works.  This one is going to explore some of my creative theories, and might just get a print version as well.  I’ll give you more details later!

Finally, planning out my next generators.  These are going to be lighter, but I am going to try and write up my findings to get used to more structured analysis but also sharing the information.

That’s it for me.  How are you doing?

  • Steve