Apologies For My Absense

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Sorry I vanished for awhile there folks – I just moved, and that of course is complicated.  Last move was a bit less hectic, so this one took more out of me – especially as I needed to buy some new furniture.  So let’s do a quick roundup.

  • I’ll keep up my series on why I write.  We’re getting to my good stuff.
  • The Fusion Food Generator will finish this month.
  • The Sailor Moon book goes to prereaders soon (like the day I post this).
  • Way With World’s is still at the editor, who got busy – as the editor is my roommate who also just moved.  I expect to keep it mostly on schedule, but am debating A) moving from late June ti sometime in July) and B) making the second book October since it’s either be August or September and September the Sailor Moon book drops.
  • I want to do some minibooks again but am trying to get my schedule together.

How are you doing?

  • Steve