Sailor Moon Book Update 4-5-2016!

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So where are we with the Sailor Moon Book?

Editing the hell out of it.

So right now, Bonnie and I are in the final editing run before it goes to editor.  I just finished mine, and it’s her turn now.  We’re doing these as separate runs as it’s a lot easier.

Our big issue is actually chapter structure, and we found that there’s really two kinds of chapters in this book (and one or two that are fusions).  Some are narratives, others are lists.  The former look at a common story or pattern in fan’s lives, the other is about related phenomena that aren’t necessarily linear.  The show’s “wow” impact is a narrative, the impact on hobbies and careers is about non-linear phenomena.  Now that we see this I think we can sort out the structure of the one or two troublesome chapters.

After this at the end of the month, the book gets wrapped up into a prepublishing document.  Essentially its a document ready to publish – sans page-break formatting – that goes to the editor.  Then it goes to the editor (and contributors).  That’s a two-month process, though we’ll see how it goes as I wouldn’t be surprised if this editor gets through it quick – it’s not a huge book.

We’ll then take a month or so to integrate the edits and get ready to publish.  We’re still targeting September.

I will be speaking at Kraken-Con and hope to speak at Fanime with Bonnie as well!  We’ll be revealing more as we head towards publishing.

– Steve