Sailor Moon Book Update 4/27/2016

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Whew, haven’t had one of these in awhile. So where’s the book?

AT THE EDITOR.  Yes, I am so glad!

The latest copy, fully set up as a book, is also off to the pre-readers. Ok not perfect (it lacks the physical print format) but close.

This is a big milestone for us as the book is that much closer to being real. We get it back from the editor sometime in June, and then after an editing binge, it’s done. Finished. Ready to print.

I’m pretty proud of it actually. The final run on it, the formatting, getting the chapter titles right, the final edit, really brought it together. It finally feels like a book, and one with a unified theme and feel.

It just needs that thorough edit to make it completely ready to go.

Of course the print formatting and the like can be a bit of a pill. I’ve got it mostly done as a system, but the preprint work is the real pain in the keister – because covers can be a nightmare and print reveals all sorts of problems. But at least by then its just a matter of time.

We’re already planning to book at least one podcast near the time, and plan to reach out to more, probably pacing ourselves before and after it reelases.

If you want to review it, let us know!

– Steve