Civic Diary 1/7/2016

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A bit under the weather, but here’s the latest Civic Diary.  For my new readers who aren’t familiar with this, I document my attempts to be a better citizen about twice a month or so.  It was once a week but things got busy – and twice a month seems more effective.  So what have I learned and tried.

Political Groups And Activist Groups

This last week I went to another meetup of a group I’m joining – and found I’d scheduled it right during a vital planning/org meeting.  A good bit of advice here is that, when trying to join a group, keep their schedule in mind.  They’re operating on one separate from you – theirs.

It looks like I’m going to get involved in group communications so stay tuned on that.  I’d have more to update on that but the person I’m talking to has been sick.

This also brings up something important – in the past I was frustrated when interesting groups were hard to get ahold of. But considering how people have active lives, holidays interrupt, etc. I think I was being unfair.  Give your various activist groups a chance.

Also post-election I am seeing a lot of people get more involved in politics and community – and bring their business skills.  So what are you bringing?

Bringing Friends A Long

To help my friends out I’ve keeping them informed of who I’m calling and what I’m doing, and trying to get one involved in communications.  We may not want to talk Big Things with friends or politics, but the truth is social connection is what makes society a society.  Involve them.

Staying Informed And The News

I’ve purchased an actual subscription to an excellent local newspaper as my way of supporting good news.  A bit unsure of who else to support as there’s some amazing things to subscribe to.  If you pay for news, after all, you’re helping fund it, and it may be somewhat more objective.

Most news organizations have been erratic about quality the last few years.  I’ve wondered if I should add more writing of letters and calling to express concerns to my schedule, still thinking of how.


Now for something odd, but interesting.  I’m documenting my experiences more.

First, I’m building a Civic Involvement outline.  This helps me but also is a way to help friends and others get involved.  At some point I’ll probably put it on or something.

Secondly, I’v taken to documenting my political and civic views.  I want to codify them more, think them over.  It’s been pretty enlightening already.  Imagine writing a book, over time, consisting of your various jotting on politics – and thinking of how they cohere.  It helps you understand yourself.


That’s what I’m up to.  What about you?


– Steve