Magical Girl Team Namer: Released!

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The Magical Girl Team Generator is released!  It actually looks like it was in pretty good shape, though like many of my generators I may probably want to tweak it later.

Writing it was educational, since magical girl teams have some interesting naming structures such as they are.  I had to extrapolate a lot as well.  Overall I think it worked.

Here’s a few examples:

  • Attraction Succubi
  • Change Dancers
  • Charm Snipers
  • Cute Dazzle
  • Enchanting Correctors
  • Enchantresses Of Charm
  • Goddess Sweet
  • Pirate Music Club
  • Steel Glamour Correctors
  • Succubus Mechaangels
  • The Four Mermaids Of Power
  • The Three Enchantresses Of Spectrum
  • The Three Priesstesses Of Force
  • Transforming Heart Crusaders
  • Wonder Ladies

– Steve