Civic Diary 4/25/2017

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Man I am behind on these.  So let’s get to what’s up:

Local Political Group Social Media: Still at it.  It’s gotten kind of dull actually, but what I do helps drive things to the Facebook and Twitter pages – which will be useful as elections roll around.  I imagine there’s a lot more to learn.

Local Informal Group: This has proven to be pretty awesome.  It’s a small group (that’s kind of affiliated with a larger one).  This group meets monthly so we can get stuff done and it’s low-key, but keeps us all on the straight and narrow.  It’s part of a larger national group and we do regular activism – cards, calls, etc.

General Social Media: As I’m part of several groups I’ve worked to bring attention to issues and activism – often useful when you can copy and paste posts.

Calling My Representatives: I’m on several activism checklists, and these help me find issues to call on – as if I didn’t already have an idea.  In addition I track several issues over time so I harp on them continuously.

District Flipping: This is getting big.  Mostly I’ve donated, but there’s also phone banking going on and I might try that.

Economic Activism: Fell off of this as it was hard to work into my calling schedule.  Instead, I’m looking into setting aside time to mail.  Good lesson here – figure what pace you can do when.

I’m glad to be involved, but still feel like I’ve missed something.  I guess it’s more I’ll feel more engaged when elections in this area start.  Or it could be I’m new to this!