Civic Diary 8/22/2017

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Yes, it’s time for my latest Civic Diary.  So where am I in my efforts to be a better citizen?

First, as always, holding my ground with my online work with a local political group, doing their Facebook page.

What I realized recently is that a lot of political groups that get established sort of stop innovating.  I’m there running the engine and so on, but I’m not just there to do that I’m there to innovate.  So I’m already taking what I’ve learned in author promotionals and using it on their page – add polls, roundups, and more.  I’m also calling a meeting to address social media – and probably have to make that every month or two.

TAKEAWAY: Don’t just run the engine in your activism, innovate.

Some of my other groups have taken a break this month, so we’ll see where they are next month.  Just in case, I’m tracking others I may want to join.  I haven’t quite found a “home” yet, except for the above-mentioned older group.  So always keep auditioning.

TAKEAWAY: Keep up your activism until you find a home – but don’t give up.  However . . .

I did have to take a break from my usual large amount of calls simply as I had so many events I’d become kind of exhausted.  So I didn’t do much calling later last week and don’t plan to start of this week.  That helped a lot – then again, man, have the last weeks been weird.

However, doing this kinda felt good as I saw how active others are in these times.  It helps to appreciate everyone else wants to change the world too.

TAKEAWAY: Take a break now and then from your activism.  It may let you see how others are doing.

I also keep myself on various activism mailing lists, so getting back on top of things is easy.  Those act as great reminders.

TAKEAWAY: Join some activist mailing lists.  It’ll help prod you – or jump back in.

Finally, I’ve found there’s a place that teaches Op-ed writing.  I’m thinking of taking it because let’s face it, I write.  Maybe I can use that to make more of a difference.  Plus a lot of op eds I see these days are shit.

TAKEAWAY: Seek out ways to use your unique skills in citizenship.

– Steve