Civic Geek: An Update

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So what have I been up to as a Civic Geek?  I figured I’d do a quick summary.

  • First, still doing social media work for a local political group.  I’ve been focusing more on making sure people are aware of local and national/international groups they can join, as well as doing daily activism posts – ideas of what to do that day.  I may have mentioned this recently, can’t recall as it’s been awhile.
  • I’ve also started to add a news roundup mostly every weekday.  There’s so much damn stuff to keep up with it’s necessary.  Because of that . . .
  • I’ve had to work harder to keep up on local news as national/world can be distracting.  So that’s taking some effort for obvious reasons.
  • I’m trying to get back to being more active – calling, writing, etc.  That’s been surprisingly hard considering so many recent changes, but I got a bit closer this week – I think you need to have a strategy for these kinds of things.
  • I’m also trying to remember that when I miss calling a representative I can always email them.
  • Because of all the crazy news, I find the news reporting I do for the group helps me keep the big picture.  If you’re having trouble keeping up on the news then maybe sitting down to round it up yourself will help.
  • Because more and more is becoming apparent in what’s going on in the world, as more things are exposed, as we have people push for change it’s educational.  Pay attention and think philosophically about what we can learn from all of this – and how we got where we are (good and bad)

– Steve