A Bridge To The Quiet Planet Is Out!

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It’s out – A Bridge To The Quiet Planet, my somewhat sarcastic techno-fantasy tale of people living in a post-post-apocalyptic world of magic, gods, and technology.  With the world stable, the worst thing you could do is mess it up . . .

. . . and our protagonists manage to put themselves into deep danger of doing that.

You can find the eBook at Amazon right now, and I’m planning to do other formats later.  Print will probably come in a month to month and a half (experimenting with proper formatting and the holidays keep me busy)

So hang on, and join over-organized sorceress Marigold Rel-Domau, enthusiastic field technic Scintilla Ferr-Orbil, and the Reverend Beacon Rindle on their adventures.

Steven Savage