Make It So: More Little Free Libraries Ideas

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I’ve been writing about Little Free Libraries on and off for awhile. Lately I got some ideas for how we could do some different geeky things with them. So here are suggestions if you run one, want to run one, or have friends who do or may.

Let’s think about ways you can theme, shake up, or vary Little Free Libraries.

Themed Libraries: What if you did a library that was all career advice, or all science fiction? You could also have a multi-shelf library with themed shelves.

Indie Libraries: If you want to be more specific – and probably make some purchases – have your little free library promote indie authors. You could even ask for donations as well – plus network locally.

Game Libraries: Though they’re expensive, game manuals and RPG supplements often make their way to discount and used bookstores, or people get tired of certain games. Why not a game library? This also could be good at a game store.

Comic/manga Libraries: If you’re like me, you probably have a few leftover manga, you can find tons of them at used book stores, and I’m sure you have friends with series they’re done with. Let’s get outside of text-only books and into graphic stories!

Rotating Libraries: What if you had a monthly themed library? Every month, switch out the books in the library with others, each time based on a different theme. Maybe you have six themes, and rotate them one month at a time, keeping the books appropriate to the theme in storage.

Book Club Libraries: If you run a book club, changes are you’ve got people with leftover books. So make your own Little Free Library for the club – with flyers for your club. However you may need to avoid having twenty copies of the same book . . .

Have any other ideas? Let me know!

Steven Savage