Steve’s Update 7/24/2019

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Hey gang, still debating these updates. Starting to think they’re more suited for my newsletter or monthly. Any thoughts?

So what have I done since last time?

  • Way With Worlds: Still working on this, but I’ve had delays as it’s just been so darned busy. Won’t make too much of a difference in release, since I don’t keep these to tight schedules, but just a note if you follow my books intently.
  • Seventh Sanctum Book: Prereaders have had great feedback on readability, so I expect to get that soon – say middle of next. Then diving into editing! I got the final editor lined up, still looking at November.
  • Sequel to “A Bridge To The Quiet Planet:” The plotting has come along and I worked out the big beats, and it’s going to be great. Get ready for a lot of cool stuff, humor, darker turns, and observations on our tropes about chosen ones. Also, someone will solve a magical puzzle by shooting it.

What’s next?

  • Way With Worlds: Trying to get back to working on it regularly. I expect to be able to do so this weekend.
  • Seventh Sanctum Book: Getting back the book, hopefully!
  • Sequel to “A Bridge To The Quiet Planet:” Deep dives on the character arcs, then if all goes well, fleshing out the plot in detail!

Steven Savage