Steve’s Update 9/8/2019

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Hello everyone! Let’s get to the update of my projects – and as a reminder, if you want more in-depth issue there’s my newsletter!

August was a month far busier than I expected, and the end of the month involved quite a lot going on. I managed to keep up, but a few things slipped.

So what have I done since last time?

  • Way With Worlds: I got the News book back from the editor! Quite enthused with this one!
  • Chance’s Muse: The Seventh Sanctum book got sent off to the editor. As you can tell, my editor has been busy.
  • A School Of Many Futures: The sequel to “A Bridge To The Quiet Planet” plotting is in it’s final phase – I have a scene-by-scene document I’m now revising. It’s definitely evolving into something way more involved and fun, from the “double reverse Harry Potter” subtleties, to Commander Briar Lindel-Passen beating up someone in a library (they had it coming).
  • Seventh Sanctum: I have set up a new dev environment to help with the update middle of next year and outlined a few new generators while I focus on the book!

What’s next?

  • Way With Worlds: I’m going to edit the book, do the cover, and probably get it published in the next two weeks. I might outline the next book, the big challenge being too many choices.
  • Chance’s Muse: Don’t expect much on this front for another few weeks, waiting on my editor.
  • A School Of Many Futures: Finish plotting and start writing! I already have Chapter 1 very solid, what with the rooftop chases, scholastic bureaucracy, and an argument over trivia nights (Beacon isn’t allowed to participate in any one involving theology, as he remembers all 300+ gods).
  • Seventh Sanctum: Not quite sure right now, I’d like to do a new generator as I work on the new codebase, but I’m also pretty wiped out from August and the book took a lot out of my generator-wise. Still, will try to at least do something more!

Steven Savage