In Honor Of Sailor Moon R: Her Eternal Moonlight Is On Sale!

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Sailor Moon R is in the theaters, so Her Eternal Moonlight is on sale for the next week!  I figure it’s one way I can celebrate the re-release of the film.

Go on and give it a try!

– Steve

Focused Fandom Countdown: 7 Weeks To Go

Thank goodness, the next Focused Fandom Book, “Focused Fandom: Fanart, Fanartists And Careers” is off to my editor.  It’s a huge relief.

First of all, the book got smaller – I tend to write in an include-everything manner then pare down/build up.  Usually starting with the “build up” side and paring down later.  In this case a few subsections were merged or discarded, and one potential extra Appendix was eliminated since it wasn’t needed.

The Edge section is looking good, and I think it’ll provoke thoughts and help you see fanart in a different way.

The Career section is pretty basic, but I think I included some valuable extra detail and thoughts to help people out.  Artists have such varied and potential careers finding the balance between too much (and thus distraction) and not enough (and thus being incomplete) was hard.

The To-Do section is actually deeper than I expected – there’s a lot of “Must-Do’s” for artistic careers, and the psychological ones seem to be the real important issues.

The book is looking good so far, and I think you’ll be pleased – and of course, when it comes out mid-April or so, I’ll hope you can help tell everyone.

Steven Savage


Focused Fandom Countdown: 8 Weeks To Go

Wow?  Is it the 2 month mark already?  OK, not quite, but you get the idea.  Sort of 90% of two months.  Or something.

Right now I’m in the final editing phase of the book, which is a week of intense scruitiny, followed by deciding “eh good enough” and shipping it off to an editor.  In this case, one of my first fansouced editors, Jess.  As she’s also an artist, she’s perfect for this.

This is something I talk about constantly, but sometimes you got to ship it.  That includes shipping it off to an editor.

It’s also why editors are very important – because in any extended work, rare indeed is the person who doesn’t consciously, or unconsciously, decide at some point “screw this, I can’t go through this anymore.”  At some point you just can’t “see” your own work as an editor.

That’s when the real editor comes in, gently takes it out of your hands, and thwaps you with it.

If you’re self-published, let me note that an editor is still important unless you’re very good and can get through those barriers of boredom.  Even a cursory read or sanity check is a relief.

Plus it gives you a few weeks to not think about your book.  I know i’m going to enjoy those few weeks.

So hang in there, “Focused Fandom: Fanart, Fanartists, and Careers” is coming in April.  And me, I get a small break soon – while my editor gears up.  Also the book on Cosplay and Careers is still out there, brand spanking new (more or less), give it a try!

Steven Savage