The Smithsonian In 3D!

The Smithsonian is going to build ana rchive of 3D models of Key pieces. The plan is that some items will get printed out, some may remain digital, etc. There’s no plan to put these available to everyone.


We’ve discussed 3D printers here for awhile, but let me now digress a bit into what this can mean.

  1. This is the major national museum jumping on 3D storage, imaging, and printing. That’s big. That’s huge. That’s moving with the times. That will also make people more aware of 3D modeling and printing.
  2. Now that this is out people WILL want the models made available for them to print. If that happens – and I see no reason why not – it’ll be an amazing boost to awareness of 3D printing.
  3. Other museums and institutions will doubtlessly follow suit in using modeling software and archives. This could be a job area to look into.
  4. No matter who does the modeling, some of it is going to leak out to the 3D printing world. Nuff said.
  5. It the Smithsonian shares models with schools, if schools print things themselves, that can promote awareness of 3D printing and technology.
  6. If you at all are into 3D modeling, imaging, and 3D printing, you’ve probably got a lot of ideas.
  7. Imagine what digital exhibits and the sharing of them can mean to museums and similar institutions.

3D printing enthusiasts? Start lobbying the Smithsonian to make things available now. Write the president – he’s a geek. This could really push the technology into mainstream awareness.

Oh, and this opens up some interesting career paths too . . .

Steven Savage

Behold 3D Printing: Bow Before It

The BBC has an awesome report on 3D printers at CES.  If you're not familiar with 3D Printing allow me to mock you.

It's looking like we have several companies working on home 3D printers – which means affordable ways to basically make plastic stuff at home off of your computer.  Try and wrap your mind around that idea – for $2000 you can make stuff off your computer.  All those times you glossy-printed fanart are nothing compared to this.

With more than one company in play here, I think it's inevitable that we're going to see 3D printers in the home (in fact the BBC article helps explain the simplicity of some of the tech).  So I'm trying to imagine the impact of this, and of course that means BULLET POINTS.

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