Activities For The Civic Geek: Promote Accessibility

Access to geeky pursuits can be challenging for some people; but you can help with access for people and even do more!

We take it for granted that people can enjoy the same geeky stuff we do.  It’s out there, right?  Accessible, right?  Not quite.

Some geeks suffer from assorted challenges.  It may be temporary, like a broken leg or reaction to a medical procedure.  It may be far more permanent in the case of disabled limbs and color blindness.  If you’re an able-bodied person who’s ever been seriously injured, you know exactly what it’s like to not be able to do the things you love, if only for awhile.

However we geeks are inventive folks and are at our best when more people can enjoy our community.  It’d be time well spent to help geeks who have some challenges, temporary and permanent, enjoy the same things we do.  You could:

  • Work at a convention and advocate for accessibility policies.
  • Work with groups that make video games, books, and more accessible to people who have limits.
  • Promote awareness of just how geek communities can be more open and accessible to people who have their limitations.
  • If you’re really technical, perhaps your geek group could get involved in charities, fix-it-shops, repurposing/refurbishing technology, and other ways to provide accessibility to people – geeks and more.

These activities aren’t just good for geekdom and the people benefiting – they’re good for you and your communities.  You learn how other people live, broaden your horizons, open your hearts and minds – and learn ways to help others.

Here’s a few geeky activities to look into to get you started:


  • CosAbility – A group focused on helping cosplayers work their physical challenges/disabilities into cosplay!

Video Games

  • Able Gamers – A charity that works to improve the lives of people with disabilities through video games, including charity work, consultation with gaming companies, and more.
  • Special Effect – Helps people with disabilities play video games with special technology and a variety of fundraisers. Takes donations and runs events.