Geek As Citizen: To Apply

As noted last column I think one of the major roles of geeks as citizens is to do something they do anyway – retain and value knowledge and information. Even if something is not seen as relevant, important, or cool, then geeks will retain it – and one day revive it when it is important. Our enthusiasm and love of knowledge allows us to do a great deal of good, even if it’s “eventually.”

However, we geeks are not usually passive acquirers and retainers of information. Part of what makes us who we are is that we put this knowledge we’re passionate about into action. A geek, as I noted early on, gets active in fanfic, games, writing, cosplay, whatever. Frankly you can’t really stop us.

(Ever seen someone experiment with some new piece of technology “because?” or seen someone continue a TV series via fanfic for years? you know what I mean).

That in turn leads to our second role in society – that of applying knowledge actively. OK we’d do it anyway, but seriously, it’s important.

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