Geek Job Guru: Welcome To Career Development Hell

Confusion Signs

We’ve all heard of “Development Hell”, where a media project is just not moving forward (even if it’s moving in circles). ¬† If you work in media you’ve not only heard of this dreaded term, you probably fear it and may have even experienced it. If you don’t work in media, you’re at least aware of it and probably enjoy making fun of the previously mentioned media people and their travails.

Either way it’s something we’ve heard of. ¬†Also, stop making fun of people experiencing Development Hell, because it’s a horrible experience.

Nothing going forward. Changes. Restarts. Activity with no results, or no activity with a promise of results. Doubtlessly we’ve all had some believed show, film, or game we were looking forward to in Development Hell; perhaps one we worked on.

However, when we look at Development Hell, it starts sounding awful familiar . . . and then we’ve realized that we’ve been in Development Hell before even if we never worked in media. We’ve been stagnant in our lives, or social lives, or our projects, and so on. We’ve been there before personally, when some of our lives just went nowwhere.

One area of their lives where too many people end up in “Development Hell” is careers.

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