CBR’s New Policy – A New Rallying Point?

As you may have heard, CBR decided to shut down and restart their message boards. The incident that brought this about was the harassment, threats, and attempted breach-of-bank that Janelle Asselin faced after criticizing the cover of Teen Titans #1. Abuse had occured on the CBR forums, and owner Jonah Weiland put his foot down, locked the forums, began a reboot of them in amore moderated format, and took responsiiblity for not doing more earlier.

It was a decisive, serious move, but beyond all his policy changes and plans, Weiland stated his thesis cleary.

He told the harassers, the abusers, and their ilk they were not welcome at CBR. He told those who were there to insult, to troll, and to cause trouble that they should go away.

He told them to get out and then locked the door.

I think he’s on to something the geek community should pay attention to.

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