Promoting Professional Geekery #37 – Be Con Event Support

(For more Promoting Professional Geekery, see this Roundup of past columns.) Several of my promoting Professional Geekery are about how you can encourage Progeekery at a con, from doing a presentation to doing a career track.  There’s more you can do. You can … Continue reading

Promoting Professional Geekery #10: Present At A Convention

OK folks, you want to share your professional fan stories with people and inspire them.  So let's ask – why aren't you at a convention spewing wisdom in every direction like a water sprinkler of knowledge? (And if your answer … Continue reading

Cons, Software as a Service, and Education

It's certainly no secret here that I love software–as–a–service (SaaS).  You've seen my drooling love statements about Salesforce, my predictions of the CorpTechPocalypse.  It's kind of apparent I'm onboard with moving things into the clouds and services as its faster, … Continue reading