Link Roundup 10/9/2013

  • Victory for Science – LA Times won’t be publishing letters of climate-change denials.  I find this interesting in light of Popular Science’s decisions.  Controversy aside, it’s a vote for responsibility over random yelling by people and acting like “all sides are equal.”  Wether this takes off is something to watch.
  • On the subject of calling out stupidity, and the possibility of economic meltdown, here’s six CEO’s who think Washington is stupid and are willing to say it.  Hopefully there’s enough pressure here.
  • Washington may be incompetent, but the publishing industry is actually . . . doing better than you may think.  Here’s a fascinating deconstruction you’ll want to read.
  • Also ever liked Asmov’s ‘Foundation’ but wished it was a manga?  Well now it’s going to be a manga.  I didn’t see that coming – and kind of wonder if that could lead to anime or movie adaptions.  It’s often been talked about but never done  . . . but this may be a gateway.
  • Get your hand on 1,661 pulp novels as free e-books!  Our culture preserved, like Hari Seldon would do . . . if he read novels with names like “Whip Hand.”  Know what?  I pushed that metaphor too far – but an interesting idea of how literature can be preserved.
  • From books to music, a Github for musicians?  That’s Splice, actually.  Interesting bit of innovation there – makes me wonder what else could be done with this method . . .

Finally, some job news

– Steven “Climate Change is Real Dudes” Savage


Is the Future Of E-Publishing Genre Fiction

Publishers sure think so!

A few thoughts:

  • I don’t think anonymity is part of this.  Maybe it’s me living in the Bay Area, but I’ve seen people reading some pretty “supposedly shameful” stuff.
  • I think the immediacy is an issue – as is the low price.
  • I also think this fits more of a consumer model for things that people want fast but aren’t worried about having a physical version of.

– Steven



Second-Class Formatting?

Yes, once again I'm going to talk about my Amazon Kindle. No, this is not a case of me going on how great it is, how much I love it, ad nauseum. You've probably had enough of that as it is. Instead, I want to share an insight on the nature of e-books that I didn't notice until I began using the Kindle so much.

What have I noticed? I've noticed that, despite many of the e-books I'm reading coming from professional print sources, some of them have distinct formatting errors on the Kindle. I'd say easily two thirds of the books I've read on the Kindle have noticeable formatting problems, some of them quite distinct and incredibly annoying, such as unclear graphics, oddly placed titles, mashed words, and more.

It's as if Kindle books get a kind of "second-class" formatting.

Somehow, I don't think I'm alone in experiencing odd, strange, and outright painful formatting problems on books I'm reading on the Kindle. I'm quite sure other people are experiencing this as well; all those people on my daily trains reading Kindles doubtlessly are experiencing questionably–formatted books too.

So unless I'm the unluckiest reader in Amazon–land, everyone is experiencing formatting problems with their Kindle books now and then. So why aren't we complaining?

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