Missing The Missionary

I miss Evangelical Geekery.

Oh not geeks that are Evangelical Christians. I miss the geek who preaches about this great comic or great program. I miss the person convinced this anime will turn you into an anime fan and it’ll be giant robots for all. I miss people who wanted to show me stuff to the point I got annoyed.

Such statements may seem strange. We all know people who have tried to push things on us to the point it turned us off. I honestly delayed reading the Harry Potter books as the evangelism and the politics of the fandom really put me off the books.  Now I look back and miss that.

Honestly it’s like wondering when those people with the pamphlets are going to knock on the door.  You wonder if they’re OK.

Because it seems that Evangelical Geekery has kind of disappeared. Some of it is that geekdom has matured, has become cool, has become a “viable and accepted subculture.”

And some of it is that parts of geekdom have put up more walls and gates and barriers.

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