Encounter The Costume College

There’s serious about something and then there’s SERIOUS.  When I encountered the Costume College run by Costumer’s Guild West, it was time to go all caps.  This is a costuming event that earns it’s capital letters for SERIOUS, and one that I profiled.  Fortunately the Dean, Natalie, was kind enough to let me interview her.

Frankly, the convention is a case study in taking an interest and treating it in a very serious, organized manner.

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Oddball Review: “Just Enough”

This is probably one of the strangest book reviews I've done.

"Just Enough: Lessons in Living Green From Traditional Japan" By Azby Brown
ISBN-10: 4770030746
ISBN-13: 978-4770030740

This is a strange book to review, because I'm not really reviewing it as a progeeky career book.  I'm reviewing it as an example of a book that is a product of a very geeky mind and passionate interest.  It may not be a book you want to read – but it's an example of a book you may want to write.

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