The Later In Life Geeky Career Leap

I began working in video games well over a decade into my career.  I was only capable of doing this after I stopped being a programmer and started being a project manager.

That sounds backwards to quite a few people, I'm sure.  I went from a young and hip programmer to a manager and THEN went into one of the geeky industries par excellence.  Actually, it's a great idea for your career – making the geeky leap later in life, at certain critical points in your career.

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Your Job: Change or Modify?

Rare indeed is the person whose wanted to change what they do – moving up, moving to something else, starting a different career entirely.

Often when I encounter people who want to use their fannish/geeky interests on the job a change is what people are looking for, in industry if not actual job being done.  That's understandable, rare indeed is a person doing exactly what they like exactly where they want (and rarer still is such a person being satisfied with wht they have years from now).

Now in an effort to make one's job geekier, I'm all behind looking to change jobs and industries, but let me add the suggestion that it may be easier to modify one's job or area of work than to make a radical change, at least right away.

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I am morally required to post this

Penny Arcade needs a Merchandise Manager

I love doing this blog.  I love the emails.  I love the seminars.  But I also love being able to type the words "Penny Arcade needs a Merchandise Manager" and post a LINK to that (and the fact it's on one of my crush objects,, makes this all the sweeter).

A geek triumph of media is recruiting a person, for a paid position, and using the ultimate business networking site.


– Steven Savage