Meet Jane Straw of Medikidz!


I met Jane Straw when I first heard about Medikidz – a series of comics to help kids understand medical conditions. She’s the art editor there, and I heard of her when she was looking for talent. Of course then I had to actually interview her because, seriously, it’s using comics to discuss medical conditions and fill a gap. That’s awesome applied geekery.

Let’s find out what she’s up to and more about her and Medikidz and you can see more art at their Deviantart Page!

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Medikidz Needs Artists!

A project to discuss health issues via comics, the Medikidz team are recruiting.

So of course I’m mentioning them here.  And of course, I asked them for an interview.

The basic idea intrigues me because it takes me back to “Timer” and his ventures inside the human body back in the ancient 70’s.  An idea worth reviving.

Though kinda odd later as he pitched for cheese, but hey.

– Steven Savage

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