Ocean Marketing Humiliation Roundup

If you've followed the Ocean Marketing mess, you know about terrible customer service and bizarre idiocy spinning out of control. If not here's a summary.

Oh and the second lesson, Geico already used this on Twitter and Paul has his own cheezeburger subpage.  No he didn't ask for it, it's just there to humuliate him.

I don't believe I'm extracting professional lessons from Paul's escapade, but seriously:

  • Things can meme very fast on the internet. We know this intuitively – we just saw it in action. If you're in marketing, this is an important tool to show what not to do. Paul was an example in the extreme, but little bits of customer-hate happen all the time – this is what happens when it gets out of hand. As a PM who also works with support, trust me right now when I say support IS good marketing.
  • Paul was a moron.
  • This ability to meme fast can be and probably has/is/will be manipulated by people. Take a look at SOPA for instance, where GoDaddy got a bit "memed."
  • You must be pop-culture savvy to be involved in marketing, especially in a project related to it.
  • Yes, there is such a thing as bad publicity.  People may escape it or overcome it, but it's a real thing.

Steven Savage