A Bit Of Geekonomics: Oil Prices Aren’t Going Down

Quartz is there on why they won’t be going down.

A lot – but not all – is unrest and political (with China’s hoarding).  What I find intriguing is the idea this is the end of the Petro-state (which Canada occasionally flirts with being, warning to my Canadian friends).  If one things of it, a petrostate is basically reliant on one resource, and the inherent vulnerabilities within and created by that reliance and its limits.  You can’t eat oil after all.

I’ve seen some talk of an oil shock in 2015.  Seems more and more likely.  There could be some nasty economic issues.

However this probably has more repercussions for solar and green tech, if only because people like to bandwagon-jump.

– Steven Savage

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