Meet Samantha Cook of Hacker Scouts And Help The Cause!

banner2We geeks have to make sure that we impart our wisdom, experience, love of learning, and ability to recognize unwise technical choices to the younger generation. That’s not always easy between work, family, our own kids, and the decaying educational infrastructure. Meet the Hacker Scouts, an organization that gets young people involved in science, technology, and engagement in the community. It’s pretty much everything I wish I’d had when I was younger.

Best of all? They’re leveraging the latest technology to let you help out – using Kickstarter to get their own lab in Oakland California. Yes, kickstarting a science scout facility. So you know, I’m going to interview anyone involved.

Fortunately, Samantha Cook herself, the Executive Director, took the time to speak with me. So go, read – and then go support and get involved.

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