Realignment Not Recovery

I think I'm going to stop talking about economic recovery from the Great Recession because it won't happen.  What will happen is Re-Alignment.

Whenever there's a downturn, recession, economic shift, etc. we always hear about how there will be a "Recovery."  Recovery, as far as I can tell when that word is thrown around casually, means that everything will Go Back To Normal.  It'll all be like it was before whatever nasty economic business happened.

One can argue that many of the past economic recoveries were not exactly returns-to-normal.  That is agreed, but I think that the aftermath of this Great Recession won't even be something you can describe as a return to normal.

It's going to be a Re-Alighment.  What will come out of this economic mess is not going to be the world we were used to.  It's going to be something else.  You may recognize the pieces of the economy to come, but not always the way they're arranged

Career-wise, you'll want to be ready.

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