#1ReasonWhy on Twitter And Why You Should Follow It

I strongly recommend following the #1reasonwhy hastag at Twitter.  It’s about women involved in gaming and why there aren’t more women in gaming.

It’s fascinating (and sad) to read the stories and issues.  It’s heartening to see the positive response.  It’s informative to see the inevitable critics of the women stating their issues, because the critics are, well, lame.  These critics are forgetting that women want to be heard, and they should listen before shooting their mouths off.

I worked in gaming for two years, and the people I worked with were awesome.  I worked with many great women.  Sexism is not integral to gaming culture or the industry, it’s a sad, horrible thing that drags the industry, the art, and the fans down.

As a Project Manager, I have a rule that Status Reports are usually good.  If you see information and pay attention to it, good things happen.  This is about the status of women in gaming – people need to pay attention.

EDIT: The thread started more in traditional pen and paper RPG community.  Missed that.

– Steven Savage

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