The Fabulist Needs Your Help!

From Josh at The Fabulist: is looking for volunteer slush readers … If you’d like to get involved, please email The Fabulist at, and include a short note detailing your interest, experience and expectations for doing any slush reading.

Background: The Fabulist’s website relaunch has gone well. Traffic is up and we’re starting to get a goodly queue of submissions to review, of fiction and poetry. In fact, the number of submissions is starting to exceed my ability to manage them in a timely manner.

As I mentioned, we need volunteers only … The Fab is entirely volunteer run, and while we imagine a future where we pay people, writers as well as staff, that future is not yet upon us. We’ve never worked with slush readers before, so in addition to anything else, I welcome any advice on setting up slush workflow, expectations, etc.

Help him out!

– Steve