The Fan To Pro Glossary

A helpful guide to terms we use around here.  Updated 1/9/2010:

A.I.N.O. – Anime In Name Only.  Refers to things based on anime with none of what made the anime work, or things imitating anime.

CorpTechPocalype – The inevitable end of Corporate IT as it moves to SaaS, mobile, and outsourcing.  Comes from a series of two columns at 3 Geeks and A Law Blog (here and here), further commented on here.

Crush Object – Any company that the staff things is particularly awesome.  In Bonnie's case, eternally Sony.

Econogeek – A geek who is into economics, or a person who is geeky about economics.

Everything Wars – The name for the conflict going on between many companies that previously did not compete, but now do because of technical synergy.

Geekonomy – The ill-defined part of the economy that is dominated by Geekdom.  Includes media, technology, comics, video games, and whatever else the bloggers feel is vaguely related.

Geekonomics – Activity that affects the Geekonomy.  Also interesting news for Econogeeks.

"Three P's" – Politicans, Preachers, and Pundits.  The people Steve most often notes manage to botch things up while being moralizing.

Production Revolution – The ability that the internet and IT tools have given people to become published authors, artists, videographers, etc.

Progeek, Profan, Protaku – Terms for people who apply their hobbies professionally.