Need An Idea? Take An Idea 4/20/2019

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In honor of my book on Brainstorming and ideas, Art Of The Brainstorm Book, I wanted to start posting ideas I’m not going to be using. I’ve been using the Brainstorm Book idea for over a decade, so I’ve accumulated a lot of great ideas, inspirations, and so on. More than I can use.

So time to share them! Here’s a few I’d like to see people run with.

Chose Your Own Instruction: With things like Twine and Ren’py, what if we were to create instruction manuals and such like Choose Your Own Adventure and Visual Novels?

Where In The World Is The Game: I’d love to see a site or book about where various games and video games take place. How many are in New York? Which cities in Europe? It’d be fun to see where they are.

That Damn Truck: How many anime shows/LNs/etc. have a protagonist hit by a truck, die, and end up in some afterlife/reincarnation adventure? Well what if there’s some kind of Truck Of Destiny driving around hitting people?

Enjoy. Let’s see what else I post in the future . . .

Steven Savage