Quick News Roundup

And no, I’m not posting anything from Comic-Con because it’s EVERYWHERE.  Also, I still think “Guardians of the Galaxy” sounds way too ‘Farscape’ for me to feel it’ll be original.

R.I.P.D. tanks at the box office, inviting all sorts of jokes.  You have to wonder if films get so far in the pipeline they can’t be stopped . . .

This is a bit old, but a good explanation of why you should self-publish.  I agree – and my books are my business card in a way (I do need to work on that one I wanted to do on Project Management . .  .)

Remember my hope that infrastructure work might help the economy?  Rising interest rates may make that dream somewhat less than stellar

James Altucher on his successful self-publishing experience.

Fixperts connects people, filmmakers, and those with problems to solve.

– Steven