Are you used to the negative?

In the job search are you used to the negative?

Do you expect rejections?  Are you expecting the job you're getting isn't going to fulfill you?  Are you waiting to find out just how incompetent you are in the interview?  Do you figure there are no jobs whatsoever?

Can you, in fact, point to just how many cases of the above you've encountered.

Then you're probably used to negativity.

We can get used to negativity or just having bad attitudes.  Humans can adapt to anything, a trait that serves us well, but it doesn't mean it always does.  We can turn negativity into a cherished tool, building a nice wall of bad expectations to blunt any pain or problems.

This of course sets up all sorts of self-fulfilling prophecies – at best we see only the worst and can't see the good, and at worst we sabotage things conciously or subconciously because they don't meet our negative expectations.

If you're on the job, or job search, the best key I found to indicate clinging to our negativity is that, when our negativity is challenged, we freak out.  We feel uncomfortable, we feel odd, we may in fact for a fleeting moment babble about how our bad attitudes are useful to us – to protect us.

Really it just means we've gotten used to being negative.

Realizing when these moments happing – or even seeking to have these realizations head-on – is a way to get over them.  Seeing this automatic negativity slowly drains it of power.

So on your job or job search – how negative are you being?  And why?

– Steven Savage