News of the Day 7/7/2009

It appears the Michael Jackson funeral is a big internet event, and social media is very active on the subject. We're seeing a huge multimedia news event in his passing, one that shows just how important multimedia is to major events.

Virtual banks can rash too – Some interesting stories and speculation. A fun read, and it touches on finance in MMOs.

Mayor Bloomberg has a plan to stimulate NYC Media Jobs – So if you're in NYC or thinking of moving there, and are interested in media employment, this is a positive sign – if it works.

McClatchy has a nearly 50% chance of default – That could mean bankrupcy, and either way means more shifts in the publishing world.

Social Media:
Facebook's demographics appear to be trending older faster – This means shifts to what ads work, what services work, etc. I'm guessing some of it is the increase of families using Facebook. Either way, a shift to be aware of – and a fast one. If you're in marketing, social media, etc. this is an article to read in full. I wonder how much of Facebook evolution will be driven by this – and how much Facebook will set the tone for the newcoming demographic.

Why consumer hardware may be a good bet for a startup – I found it telling to assess companies potential futures. A good read on why actual hardware companies can survive and prosper.

After saying it won't do a Netbook, Sony pretty much releases a netbook, the Vaio W. At $500 it's a tad pricey, even with the good line. Sounds like they came late to the party – and pricey.

Hotels' have had their own recession for 20 months and counting – I still hear talk hotels are a good business bet, and that hasn't been true in awhile. This is just another effect of economic belt-tightening, and should be kept in mind while planning events – you may get good rates, you may also find a chosen hotel has gone under.

Video Games:
ZeniMax raised $105 million to buy ID Software – A staggering number, but it also means they expect this is a worthwhile investment. How long they think it will take to make it back and how they plan to do it will affect future strategy. If they're on your job list, keep that in mind (and if you think you can make that difference, you have a great selling point).

Massachucets legislator wants tax credits for video game companies – Much like the failed 2008 measure. Still, keep an eye on it to see what happens. Seems like a lot of places are trying to stimulate game and media production, could help you with some job or relocation choices.

Square Enix uses Eidos to form Square Enix Europe – Before you get excited, this is going to impact jobs elsewhere in the company. They've also got to make that acquistion pay off.

– Steven Savage