Job Search, Social Media, and Payoff.

The Job search changed.  We know that.  We hear about it.  We're probably sick of hearing it.

We've also heard that Job Searches are different because of social media.  We're also probably sick of that.

So I'm going to discuss both these things.  Chalk it up to the two-wrongs-make-a-right approach.

The problem of course in discussing these as we've got a chicken-or-egg approach.  Has the job search changed because of social media, or has social media changed because in this economy, so many people are using it for jobs?  As annoying as these questions may be, I think it actually brings out an important point.

Ultimately, I think the problem with the changing job search is NOT the alteration to use social media more – though that is happening, it's a symptom of the fact the job search has been changing for years because of technical end economic shifts.

As I've ranted on before, the job search is really quite nightmarish for all involved, and it has been mutating since the internet age was dropped into our laps like steaming hot cup of technology.  The job search has struggled to keep up with technology and use technology, and the very use of technology alters it – databases replace inboxes, hundreds of resumes pour in via email, etc.

Social Media is JUST the latest thing to change the job search, and I think it's more because social media lets us do what we humans do – socialize.  It's getting integrated into every aspect of our life, the job search is just part of it.  The changes it makes to the job search – twitterposts,, etc. – are really just a reflection of what's going on in culture at large.

The economy is also a big changer of the job search – global demands changes, demographics change, everything changes.  In fact, I'd say things are changing at a rapid enough rate that if technology hadn't progressed for the last 15 years the job search would be radically different.  It's hard to divide the technical and economic impacts on the job search, and probably easier to just note they're there and we'll can do our best to sort them out.

It is very important to realize these distinctions or you can miss out – are you having trouble finding a job it may not be because you don't use Twitter – your local economy may be changing.  The technological impact on the job search can be a distractor.

Social media has changed the job search, but the job search has been changing for awhile because of technology – and it's also changing because of economic issues, cultural issues, and more.  That's important to keep in mind as the changes to the job search in the future are not just going to be due to technology – the effect of technology merely is prominent now, and probably conceals or obscures other changes.

Keep this in mind.

– Steven Savage