Geek Alert: Yahoo and Microsoft sign search deal.

This one is all over the geekosphere, and there's a lot information. First, it appears it's a ten year deal – and secondly, Yahoo is getting 110% of ad revenue the first two years Yes, 110%. Yahoo also gets to work relations for Microsoft.

A little more detail is available here – the integration could take two years.

So, my take on this?

  • This isn't approved – it'll take into 2010 to get regulatory approval.
  • The deal takes up to 24 months to integrate AFTER appoval – so we can be talking 30 months or more until it's all done technically.
  • Yahoo is toast if this goes through – they'll be thorouhgly dependent on Microsoft. As a truly separate company it's over with, and I could see a total integration happening within that decade.
  • This is more of the Everything Wars, and I suspect Google will make some other stunning announcement – or accelerate projects like Chrome, in the near future. It's also possible the sense of Microsoft as a larger company than they are may make them leverage more alliances and OS projects for image reasons.
  • This is more of the Everything wars. More here.

    And for Irony? Remember for years Yahoo was powered by Google.

And now our regular news . . .

Good basic advice on researching companies you want to work for.

Why music magazines are dying – Most interesting to me is that they had social media elements before there was social media. A good read on the industry that you can probably apply to many others.

LibreDigital raises $15 million – They do multiplatform digital distribution. Wonder if they allow companies to delete files . . . sarcasm aside, not a surprising investment. Let's see if it can pay off – I'm concerned VC is coming to electronic publishing a bit slower than it needs, which may further hamper development.

There is apparently a way to hijack iPhones via text message. Those of you working (or wanting to work) in IT security, you now have a brand new horror story to share. Let's see how Apple reacts and if this ends up quickly in the wild, that will affect future activities.

Android gets a Facebook app – It's a start, at least. Certainly Android is being taken very seriously.

Social Media:
Twitter's new front page emphasizes search – Pretty much a strategy people figured Twitter would count on. Interesting thought is if they include more ilinking, crossreferencing, etc. they may have something – and could they interlink other sources? Either way, Twitter moves forward.

EpixHD launches – Basically movie studios let you see their movies if your internet/TV provider has a deal anyway. Not exactly impressive (and more of the specialty distribution we've seen), but a player. I don't have high hopes for it due to its limitations. Still worth watching to see if it has any market impact.

Video Games:
A possible inFamous movie? – Sounds like a possibility. I see some potential here (thought I think a miniseries more fits the arc), as the game had very cinematic qualities. Between this and the WoW movie we could see functional game-movie synergy which is unfortunately rare – at best you get mediocre and some quick money.

The Downside to Direct Download in gaming – Lots to think of, including how a shift to DLC could be done easy by some companies – and bring unexpected side effects (like potentially forcing them to direct-sell hardware). Lots to think over. I myself am loosing some enchantment with DLC the more I analyze it, but it's still going to be something TRIED, even if it results in horrible failures – because companies want to make more money.

– Steven Savage