We’re all entrepreneurs

I know some people who've gone and started their own business.  They're entrepreneurs, and frankly, pretty impressive people.  They've got their own jobs, and though its work, its work they love.

People often look at such people with envy – they want to make the leap to owning their own business, freelancing, etc.  They want to be entrepreneurs.

They already are, the problem is they don't know it.

We're all entrepreneurs.  We all take our lives into our hands, set our course, decide on what to do, etc.  Just because we may work for someone else does NOT mean we're not in charge of our lives and careers – we may just forget we are.

We may work for a company but rare indeed is the person who has their career set out for them and path chosen for them (and rarer the person who likes that path or career).  Like it or not, even if you don't own your own business, you are an entrepreneur – you're in charge of your own ship.

I find that realizing this helps even if you don't want your own company – and many don't.  Your life is yours to steer, yours to decide – and yours to fail at.    Many factors may contribute or take away from your success, but you still make the choices.

So even if your goal is to work for the company or a company (and nothing wrong with that), take control of your career in an 'entrepreneurial' way.  Captain your own ship, make your own decisions, and face up to the challenges.  Realizing we're all entrepreneurs is both liberating – and helps you be more responsible and successful.

– Steven Savage