Let Me Bore You: Insurance

It's been awhile since I embarked on boring our readers, and with some of the major issues of the day affecting your career, let's focus on an issue you need to be following: insurance.  Specifically, health insurance.

If you haven't been following it, as I write this issues about insurance reform have been keeping Capitol Hill alight with phone calls, letter-writings, panels, late hours and more.  A rough summary is – people aren't thrilled with their insurance in America, and people want something done.  As of now there's a new plan out that is on its way through.

This of course leads to all sorts of political foofaraw that ranges from the insightful to the ridiculous.  But it's an issue you want to be following beyond the obvious reasons.  And here's why.

I can sum it up simply:

  1. Health care is expensive in the US.
  2. It's cost more and more over time.
  3. What methods of reform happen will affect your insurance and options.
  4. If you want to start your own business, this could be a very big deal.

We're pretty much acquainted with #1 and #2.  We've been there.

As for #3, there are a LOT of different options being discussed.  A trigger that could launch a public option for health care if changes aren't made.  An outright public option for a government insurance program designed to provide more competition to the market.  Regulations.  You get the idea.

Something is going to happen.  For those of us who are career-minded, we all know what it's like to look for the right insurance, have our companies change plans (which is not always a bad thing – an HR guru at a company I used to work at swung an awesome dental deal that amazed me).  Where you go and what jobs you take may be affected by this.

Regarding #4, if you've ever looked into starting your own business, insurance options can be an utter migraine-inducer.  It differs depending on your business, your age, if you want certain coverage, etc.  What comes out of capitol hill could very much affect your options if you launch your own business (and my guess is you've thought of it a few times).

Being progeeks, of course, MANY of us have thought of our own businesses, going to startups, etc.  Insurance issues affect us.

So pay attention.

You may have noticed I avoided a lot of political discussion.  That's because there's far too much BS and too little regard for practical issues that affect people, and lots and lots of useless politics.

So all I'll say is pay attention.

– Steven Savage