More Like Movies: Other things

So I was discussing how gaming can get more like movies in my last post.  I've also wondered what other technologies could come about – or be built on existing ones – that will change content development and delivery.

* What of comics?  Technology like Poser and soforth are poor substitutes for drawing – for now – even with communities of support and tools and downloads out there.  I'm curious as to what the next years will bring.  Even things recognizable derived from technology may survive with a good plot (say webcomics)
* Fiction writing.  There's a lot of tools out there now to help with writing, and I'm sure it will only increase.  I expect Fiction writing distribution to be the major change.
* Animation I'm curious about.  Computer technology is making animation easier, though it certainly lacks the sylization of hand-drawn animation.  We've already seen machima movies and I wonder if animation will get easy enough for quality product to be made easier – and of course distributed.

Even with my own hobby (Seventh Sanctum) I doub there will be a substitute for human creativity.  But getting that creativity out and available – that will change.

– Steven Savage