Moving to a Geeky Job: The Business Shift

Related to my previous post on geeky jobs, another issue I encounter with people wanting to use their skills on their jobs is the feeling that what they do know, what they enjoy, just isn't going to have a plance in the areas they want to work.  They're good at something that doesn't seem overly fannish, and they just can't see how it relates to the cool things they want to do or the place they want to work.

I relate of course, as a Project Manager.  I seriously enjoy gant charts, forms, coordinating, and organizing.  I've had moments where I am probably having more fun than anyone else on a project.

Indeed, there were times I wondered where I would go with this, many years ago I began looking at ways to go "the whole fan" and do what I liked where I liked.  I was in IT, which satisfied my geek, but I wanted to do more.

That's when I had a realization about people seeking to work in fannish jobs that is very vital to those of us who like to do things that may not seem overly fannish.

Things are getting more businesslike out there.  Companies now need – or REALIZE they now need – those of us who have those skills needed to run a business.  The economic downturn doesn't change this fact, and for some may make it even more obvious.

So those accounting skills you have that don't seem to apply to your love of fantasy novels?  I'm betting publishers of various sizes might need a good accountant these days (especially of you do ROI).

That skill you have in managing infrastructure maintenance?  A lot of your favorite companies still need to maintain buildings and facilities.  Maybe now they even want to save more money or are consolodating.

Things are only going to get more "businesslike" with a downturned economy.  Maybe you can help out . . .

– Steven Savage