Used to a level of panic?

I deal with a lot of people working on getting their lives and careers in order – or back on track in this economy.  A lot of people I notice can't calm down even when they have nothing to worry about, or when it's of no use.

So ask yourself, are you actually used to a certain level of panic in your life and job search?

It may seem a simple – or ridiculous – question – but I witness a lot of people unable to slow down and deal with things calmly in the job search, almost as if they feel a certain level of panic is needed.  When people don't have reasons to panic, they can still remained "primed" to fly off the handle.

Mostly panic is crippling, as we all know (and rarely deal with).  But it can become an automated habit like anything else.  In fact if you're used to panic, you may panic over having nothing to panic over.

Take a look at yourself – are you used to panic?

– Steven Savage